Gabby Dizon

October 05 2021

Play-to-Earn Gaming with Yield Guild Games

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Gabby Dizon
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Play-to-Earn Gaming with Yield Guild Games

Gabby Dizon

Play-to-Earn Gaming with Yield Guild Games

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About the episode

Yield Guild Games is the DAO that invests in virtual world and blockchain games. Co-founder Gabby Dizon joins Kevin to discuss YGG’s origins in the Axie Infinity “scholarship” program, governance mechanics in the DAO, and up-and-coming blockchain games.

About our guest
Gabby Dizon

Gabby Dizon

Gabby Dizon is the co-founder of Yield Guild Games, CEO of game developer Altitude Games, and former President of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines. He has been developing games for 18 years.

Topics covered

Show notes

Who is Gabby Dizon, and what is Yield Guild Games?[00:28]

As someone who’s been developing games for 18 years, how did Gabby get involved in the world of blockchains and NFTs, and how did Yield Guild Games come about?[02:08]

It’s probably not a coincidence that many of today’s big names in the NFT world got their start around the same time.[05:58]

In the midst of COVID doldrums, what catalyzed Gabby to go beyond breeding Axies in Axie Infinity and do something bigger?[07:06]

How do Axie scholarships work, and what was Gabby trying to improve upon by creating Yield Guild Games with his co-founders?[09:43]

How did they pull this off?[11:21]

How much SLP does a gamer need to make before it’s transferred into their wallet? Who pays for the gas?[12:48]

Within the DAO, how does the YGG token work, and what determines its value?[13:12]

What’s on the radar for play-to-earn as well as purely aesthetic assets for Yield Guild Games’ player base?[14:45]

Yield Guild Games is as blockchain agnostic as its players want it to be. Gabby explains why there’s never been a better time to start a gaming company.[16:15]

Is it too early to determine which blockchain seems to be gaining the most momentum in the gaming space? What do developers need to consider when they’re trying to decide which blockchain is ideal for their needs?[17:00]

How are YGG holders participating in governance so far, and how does Gabby see this participation taking shape in the future?[18:44]

Design by committee isn’t always ideal. How does Gabby weigh the amount of control the community wields versus what gets controlled internally?[20:43]

How does someone get involved with Yield Guild Games?[22:11]

Does operating a DAO from the Philippines have any advantages over being based in the United States?[23:56]

For gamers late to the party: has the Axie ship sailed?[25:40]

How much of a growth field is esports for the NFT community?[27:09]

What are the contenders for becoming the next Axie Infinity? [28:00]

Does Gabby collect NFTs outside of gaming? What artists does he tend to support?[29:46]

How Gabby sees skill sets aligning with future work in the crypto economy.[32:29]

What’s the best way to farm and earn interest on YGG?[34:18]

Parting thoughts.[36:21]

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