June 08 2021

Alchemix – DeFi Loans That Repay Themselves with Scoopy Trooples

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Alchemix – DeFi Loans That Repay Themselves with Scoopy Trooples

Alchemix – DeFi Loans That Repay Themselves with Scoopy Trooples

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About the episode

Alchemix co-founder Scoopy Trooples joins Kevin to discuss how Alchemix provides highly flexible instant loans that repay themselves over time without liquidation risk using decentralized smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

About our guest
Scoopy Trooples

Scoopy Trooples

Tech and Futurism enthusiast. Web3 Dev. Etherean. Bitcoiner. Open France Maximalist.

Topics covered

Show notes

What is Alchemix? (And full disclosure.)[00:36]

As a builder and entrepreneur, how did Alchemix co-founder Scoopy Trooples get involved in the world of crypto?[01:51]

What led to the formation of Alchemix — what did it look like at the very beginning, and what problems was it trying to solve?[04:51]

How does Alchemix work today, and how does it earn interest for users?[07:59]

More explanation of Alchemix’s transmuter, and how long it generally takes to repay loans by using it.[12:02]

An example of how Alchemix can be the most capital-efficient way to buy physical goods.[13:15]

Creative use cases of Alchemix.[15:08]

Can Alchemix be used to crowdfund causes and charities?[16:33]

A reminder: DeFi is never risk-free. But here are some of the precautions Alchemix is taking to minimize that risk.[17:18]

From a user’s-eye view, what happens if Alchemix yields fall to little or nothing?[19:20]

Why might someone choose to repay in alUSD or DAI rather than collateral?[21:57]

How does a token get re-pegged?[22:25]

What’s the best path from DAI to USDC?[24:30]

How does farming/staking work in Alchemix?[26:06]

What’s planned for the future of the ALCX DAO token?[27:10]

How would a DAO item shop work, and what perks might it yield?[28:00]

Is it possible to whale-proof against the heavier influence of bigger players while rewarding the little guys for participating in the system?[30:44]

What models are being considered for ALCX’s access to future cash flows?[34:26]

A lot of this is admittedly confusing to the layman. How easily does Scoopy’s brain process the layers of complexity involved in making Alchemix work?[36:18]

What changes are anticipated for Alchemix v2?[36:58]

When is Alchemix v2 expected to launch?[39:31]

Some Alchemix changes to look out for before v2 launches.[40:37]

How many people are on the Alchemix team?[42:11]

Does Alchemix have any plans for enticing would-be investors for whom current gas fees are too high?[42:51]

What other projects in the crypto space does Scoopy find interesting?[45:10]

Does Scoopy have any favorite layer 1 projects?[48:17]

Why Kevin is paying close attention to how Alchemix develops.[49:51]

Where people can find Scoopy online and learn more about Alchemix.[51:16]

Parting thoughts.[51:47]

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