April 01 2022

Liquidable Eth Staking with Lido

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Liquidable Eth Staking with Lido

Liquidable Eth Staking with Lido

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Vasiliy Shapovalov, the cofounder of Lido.fi, breaks down the mechanics of staking for digital assets, including Ethereum 2.0, while still allowing for liquidity with a token representing your portion of the stake.



  • What is Lido and what problems is it solving? [01:02]
  • Lido co-founder Vasiliy Shapovalov explains how staking works and what makes Lido an attractive option for staking participants. [04:21]
  • The most glaring disadvantage of staking and how Lido’s approach overcomes this. [12:19]
  • How resourceful staking participants might “double dip” to increase their overall yield with Lido’s token. [17:08]
  • Collateralizing Lido’s token to generate high-interest yields on the Anchor protocol involves cross-chain wizardry not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be jaw-droppingly lucrative. (If you’re interested, Lido does have an online guide to help you through the process.) [18:44]
  • Staking can admittedly be risky. What security measures does Lido have in place, and how many node operators does Lido have working behind the scenes? [20:28]
  • What would be the worst-case scenario if a bug in a contract were exploited? How often are the contracts audited? [24:02]
  • What do the personnel numbers look like for Lido’s security support? [26:44]
  • Lido currently supports staking for five blockchains. How many more are in the works? [28:07]
  • Had bringing Ledger support to Lido grown the community significantly? [28:33]
  • In Vasiliy’s opinion, what services — both current and projected — give Lido the edge against its competitors in the liquid staking game? [30:08]
  • What are Kevin and Vasiliy’s personal staking strategies? [34:35]
  • When does Vasiliy believe Ethereum 2.0 will finally go live? [36:40]
  • Tether, Terra as a virtual country, crypto governance, and other parting thoughts. [38:51]