April 13 2021

The Sandbox – A New Blockchain Based Virtual Gaming World Built on NFTs with Sebastien Borget

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The Sandbox – A New Blockchain Based Virtual Gaming World Built on NFTs with Sebastien Borget

The Sandbox – A New Blockchain Based Virtual Gaming World Built on NFTs with Sebastien Borget

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About the episode

The Sandbox’s Sebastien Borget joins Kevin to discuss the practical use of blockchains and NFTs for securing digital property and rewarding creators in virtual gaming worlds.

About our guest
Sebastien Borget

Sebastien Borget

@borgetsebastien is the Co-Founder and COO of The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual world, and President of The Blockchain Game Alliance, advocating for NFTs and blockchain in games.

Topics covered

Show notes

How two big shifts in the gaming world are being addressed by blockchains and NFTs.[00:46]

Sebastien shares his background of nearly 14 years as a serial entrepreneur, and what catalyzed his work to merge gaming with the decentralized world of crypto that resulted in The Sandbox we see today.[03:04]

Currently, what parts of The Sandbox are centralized and decentralized, and how long does Sebastien project it will take for full decentralization?[05:51]

In The Sandbox, to what extent can a creator give life to what their imagination dreams up?[06:45]

How are additional attributes (like speed, power, and defense) extended onto a static, LEGO block-style creation in The Sandbox, and who defines these attributes? Is there a way for a community to be involved in these definitions if the creator wishes to allow it?[08:39]

The unforeseen benefits of opening up feature definition to a community.[11:31]

What kind of game is a first-timer to The Sandbox expected to play, and how can this be modified? For instance, is participation in player-vs-player content mandatory, or are there places in The Sandbox where a player can choose to opt out?[12:36]

How does real estate ownership and property value work in The Sandbox? Will new land be generated over time, or has a limited inventory been established?[14:51]

How big are parcels of land in The Sandbox, and how long would it take to “walk” across one of these parcels? Does this size in any way limit an owner’s capacity to create?[17:32]

What was the base price for a new parcel of land when The Sandbox began, how has it fluctuated, and what factors might have an impact on a parcel’s value?[19:08]

How is the $SAND token being used, and how can it be acquired?[20:33]

What is a game jam, how can interested parties participate in The Sandbox’s game jam, and what coding languages do they need to know?[22:26]

In what ways can people start interacting, creating, and trading in The Sandbox today? When will The Sandbox officially go live?[23:48]

Will creators be able to bring external projects into The Sandbox, like existing NFTs (e.g. CryptoPunks)?[26:07]

How does The Sandbox differentiate itself from competing projects in this space?[26:48]

Does someone need to own land in The Sandbox today to begin creating content for it, and will that content vanish when the official launch takes place?[29:39]

Will everything in The Sandbox be tied to the Ethereum blockchain, or is this expected to change?[30:18]

What’s the best way for someone to stay up to date with The Sandbox’s developments?[31:50]

Why I reached out to Sebastien to share what’s going on with The Sandbox, how you can keep in touch with him, and parting thoughts.[33:27]

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