August 03 2021

Gaming NFTs and DeFi vs CeFi with Amy Wu

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Gaming NFTs and DeFi vs CeFi with Amy Wu

Gaming NFTs and DeFi vs CeFi with Amy Wu

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About the episode

Amy Wu of Lightspeed Venture Partners joins Kevin to cover various topics, including how venture capitalists can add real value to projects. They cover Arbitrum, FTX, Solana, the Metaverse (and why Facebook is showing a keen interest in it), and blockchain games like Axie Infinity.

About our guest
Amy Wu

Amy Wu

Amy Wu is a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where she makes investments in consumer, gaming, and crypto companies.

Topics covered

Show notes

Who is Amy Wu, and what is Lightspeed Venture Partners?[01:11]

How was Amy introduced to the world of crypto, and what has been her involvement of late?[02:18]

With so many projects emerging in the crypto space, how do Amy and her partners at Lightspeed choose what to focus on?[04:01]

Why has Lightspeed chosen to support Arbitrum as an Ethereum layer two scaling solution over its competitors?[06:17]

Does Matic/Polygon still have the most volume among L2s due to being first of its kind?[09:06]

Among current L2 solutions available, are there any that stand out as being consumer friendly?[09:48]

What does Amy think is the key to mass crypto adoption at the consumer level?[11:42]

As a crypto exchange, what is FTX doing that caught Lightspeed’s attention and made it worthy of investment?[13:24]

Amy’s thoughts on Solana.[16:28]

Why do exchanges typically have their own tokens?[18:19]

Considering the potential effects of regulatory compliance down the road.[20:31]

How a renaissance in gaming and the introduction of the blockchain are intersecting today.[21:00]

While blockchain opens up a lot of value from a gamer’s perspective, why are mainstream gaming companies thus far so slow to get on board?[23:42]

How NFT projects might make integration in existing game ecospheres worth their creators’ while, and why Amy believes this still might not be enough.[26:34]

How NFTs might be exchanged within a game’s ecosystem (with or without blockchain), and what increased liquidity will ensure.[29:52]

Amy puts forth a couple of predictions for what could make gaming on the blockchain successful.[32:13]

Does Amy see any current NFT gaming project as being a potential breakout?[33:07]

Does Amy collect NFTs or personally invest in any NFT games right now?[34:22]

Thoughts on Facebook becoming a Metaverse company.[35:16]

Will VR be a crucial component to the Metaverse experience? Is the technology there yet?[36:46]

Projects in the digital asset space that Amy is currently tracking for possible investment in the future.[39:57]

How involved should VCs be in the crypto projects they help fund?[41:22]

Thoughts on the recent SushiSwap token sale proposal and its repercussions.[43:19]

Advice to founders in need of investment when their projects are oversubscribed.[47:44]

Parting thoughts.[51:36]

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