June 22 2021

Terra – Decentralized Stablecoins and The Power of Community with Do Kwon

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Terra – Decentralized Stablecoins and The Power of Community with Do Kwon

Terra – Decentralized Stablecoins and The Power of Community with Do Kwon

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About the episode

Terra founder Do Kwon joins Kevin to discuss the importance of a truly decentralized stablecoin, DAI vs. Terra, the anchor protocol, Do’s favorite projects, and the importance of community in any project that hopes to succeed for the long haul.

About our guest


Terra (terra.money) is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain.

Show notes

What is the purpose of stablecoins, and what makes Terra stand out from its contemporaries?[00:30]

How did serving time in the South Korean Signal Corps get Do interested in mesh networks, and how did that segue into the world of crypto?[03:04]

The evolution of Terra from concept to what we see today.[08:31]

Why did Do choose to build Terra from the ground up rather than join an existing project?[09:44]

What were Do’s feelings about MakerDAO’s DAI when it launched, and how did he feel Terra’s LUNA could improve upon it?[11:12]

What is the mechanism by which Terra’s stablecoin value is controlled, and how is its peg maintained?[13:16]

What do the blockchain underpinnings look like for Terra’s stablecoins?[16:29]

What does Do hope to achieve by bridging UST to an ever-expanding list of blockchains?[17:24]

Is LUNA also Cosmos-based?[18:19]

Do speaks to the current momentum around using Terra’s stablecoins in DeFi projects.[18:31]

DAI vs. UST.[19:34]

A big drawback to all regulated, centralized stablecoins that Terra is trying to overcome with decentralization.[20:26]

What other decentralized stablecoin projects does Do find promising?[21:32]

The ultimate aims of Terraform Labs and how savings protocol Anchor ties in with these efforts.[22:24]

How are Anchor’s high yields generated?[23:35]

How does someone unstake from Anchor and withdraw their funds?[25:00]

What’s next for these projects?[25:55]

How can someone get involved in the Terra ecosystem today?[27:35]

Do’s thoughts on what we can expect from stablecoins in the near future based on general industry trends.[28:59]

How does Do feel about projects that natively swap crypto like THORChain, and why does he sometimes get flak from certain people in the community for tweeting about such projects?[30:22]

At risk of generating more flak, what crypto projects does Do currently find exciting?[31:16]

Nightmares faced by the teams who labor to bring us crypto projects that we should take a moment to appreciate.[32:21]

Will Terra stablecoins be supported in the THORChain ecosystem?[33:28]

What tends to capture Do’s attention about any given project?[33:57]

Weighing the pros and cons of community-driven projects.[35:12]

What does Do think will be the magnet that most effectively draws people into the Terra community?[39:08]

What does Do think of DAOs?[42:33]

What does Terra look like in the distant and not-so-distant future?[45:22]

Parting thoughts.[46:32]

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