January 05 2022

Particle: Fractionalizing Banksy with NFTs

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Particle: Fractionalizing Banksy with NFTs


Particle: Fractionalizing Banksy with NFTs

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About the episode

Kevin is joined by the founders of the Particle Collection, a new way to own, collect, and experience fine art masterpieces through NFTs. Here, they discuss how Particle aims to acquire and tokenize the world’s greatest masterpieces via a particalization process that divides ownership of each work into 10,000 unique NFTs. Its first piece: Banksy’s 2005 “Love is in the Air.”

About our guest
Particle Collection

Particle Collection

Particle is the new way to own, collect, and experience fine art masterpieces through NFTs without being a billionaire. It allows fractionalized ownership so blue collar collectors have access to blue chip world treasures like Banksy’s “Love Is in the Air.”

Topics covered



  • What is Particle Collection, and how is it trying to make art accessible to everyone who wants to collect it? [00:52]
  • The Particle founders introduce themselves and explain how they became involved in the project. [04:58]
  • What was the genesis idea behind Particle, and what problems was it trying to solve? [07:53]
  • How blockchain technology and NFTs make Particle’s mission possible for the first time in history. [13:52]
  • What is the particalization process and how does it work to democratize art collection without physically destroying works of art? What are the privileges of owning a fractionalized NFT, and how is this ownership protected by Particle? [16:20]
  • What will displaying one of these NFTs look like? [19:34]
  • What happens to the original piece? Do the NFT owners have a say in how and where it’s displayed? [24:30]
  • Would it ever be possible for Particle NFT owners to band together and take over physical ownership of a piece? What about a rogue element from within Particle itself? [25:31]
  • Will Particle’s works have a permanent home where they can be visited in person when they’re not on tour? [27:23]
  • As Particle is a non-profit, how do its founders foresee wrangling finances for building and housing the collection and touring its works? [29:21]
  • What is Particle’s take when its NFTs are resold? [31:34]
  • What Particle hopes to achieve with pop-up exhibitions of “Love is in the Air.” [32:54]
  • Where will Particle NFT holders and prospective buyers be able to trade them? [33:45]
  • Will more desirable fractions of a piece be sold initially at a higher premium? [34:46]
  • Why did the Particle founders choose to operate on the Avalanche blockchain? [37:27]
  • How accessible will Particle be to the crypto novice? [39:26]
  • Are there processes in place to preserve liquidity if Particle were to go down like Hic et Nunc did late last year? [42:48]
  • When does Particle go live, and how can someone participate? [44:58]
  • How is the introductory price point of Particle NFTs calculated? [47:03]
  • Community: the edge that Particle has over most traditional art collection platforms. [48:10]
  • Why Kevin is excited about the accessibility this project will offer the non-insider crowd, and why wealthy serial collectors buy art in the first place. [53:35]
  • WHO IS BANKSY? [55:34]
  • Is Particle getting any blowback from the traditional art world? Why does former Christie’s insider Loïc think the competition it offers will actually be welcomed? [1:00:16]
  • Thoughts on navigating current and future investment regulations. [1:02:44]
  • What’s the next piece Particle hopes to acquire? [1:07:22]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:08:38]