May 25 2021

Brave – The Privacy and Crypto-Friendly Browser with Brendan Eich

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Brave – The Privacy and Crypto-Friendly Browser with Brendan Eich

Brave – The Privacy and Crypto-Friendly Browser with Brendan Eich

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About the episode

Brave Software CEO Brendan Eich joins Kevin to discuss how the Brave Browser protects privacy, supports IPFS, has a built-in crypto wallet, works with your favorite Chrome extensions, and rewards users with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency.

About our guest
Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich (@brendaneich) created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla and Firefox. Now, he’s the co-founder and CEO of Brave Software, known for its privacy-first and crypto-supporting Brave Browser.

Show notes

What is the Brave Browser, and how does it stand out from the countless browsers we already have at our disposal?[02:22]

How does Brave approach the potential for ad tracking from a “Can’t be evil” rather than a “Don’t be evil” position?[07:03]

How are anonymous Brave users rewarded for browsing if they’re not being tracked, and how are content creators compensated in the Brave ecosystem?[12:27]

What happens if someone tries to tip a content creator who isn’t signed up for Brave Rewards?[16:41]

Are there any major publishers participating in these rewards?[17:56]

What do these microtransactions look like from the back end, and how do they preserve anonymity while bypassing additional fees?[18:36]

Is there a way to exchange BAT in Brave between two parties who know one another (e.g., friends or colleagues)?[23:42]

With an Ethereum wallet included in the current Brave experience, how does Brendan see other cryptocurrencies being supported in the future?[24:57]

How does Brendan’s team at Brave weigh options for buying, building, and using third-party solutions for its features? What factors take top priority?[27:53]

How are passwords managed in Brave, and are there security concerns about operating in a Chromium-based system?[32:04]

Given Brendan’s history with Mozilla, how did Brave come to be Chromium-based?[36:46]

Why do Brave’s ambitions (particularly with search) reach beyond just providing a better browser?[39:51]

How does Brave Search aim to stand out from its competition?[45:01]

Now waitlisted, when will Brave Search launch?[48:18]

What are the challenges of delivering search results anonymously?[49:39]

How Tor private windows are incorporated into Brave.[52:33]

Brendan’s thoughts on Web3 and where he sees Brave rolling with new decentralized technology over the next few years.[53:44]

Will Brave be adding more features to the browser-native wallet in the near future (such as NFT viewing)?[55:44]

What are Brendan’s favorite crypto projects at the moment?[56:39]

Will BAT play a role in DAOs?[58:26]

Parting thoughts.[59:38]

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