September 27 2021

$BACON Coin — Fractionalizing Home Loans on the Blockchain with Karl Jacob of LoanSnap

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$BACON Coin — Fractionalizing Home Loans on the Blockchain with Karl Jacob of LoanSnap

$BACON Coin — Fractionalizing Home Loans on the Blockchain with Karl Jacob of LoanSnap

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About the episode

On this episode, Kevin talks to LoanSnap co-founder and CEO Karl Jacob about how consumers can invest in and receive yields formerly reserved by big banks and governments. They also discuss the tokenization of commercial real estate, how neighbors can pitch in to fractionalize and purchase foreclosed homes, why traditional 30-year mortgages are going away, and how renting might turn into fractional ownership that is liquid 24/7.

About our guest
Karl Jacob

Karl Jacob

Karl Jacob is a serial entrepreneur who has been building, advising, and investing in companies for the last 20 years. He is the co-founder and CEO of LoanSnap.

Topics covered

Show notes

Who is Karl Jacob, and what is LoanSnap?[00:49]

What problems was LoanSnap created to solve?[02:53]

Why did Karl and his LoanSnap partners decide to embrace blockchain as the solution to their problems?[05:45]

How has traditional finance failed the average consumer?[07:26]

What is LoanSnap doing to right this wrong?[09:01]

How will $BACON coin work?[11:30]

How does a mortgage convert from fiat currency to LoanSnap?[14:15]

Who manages the backend of this, and what’s the advantage of having it on the blockchain?[15:27]

What options does someone have at the time they buy in? How do these options allow someone within a community to support their community?[17:14]

How LoanSnap makes community investment available to everyone — not just the already wealthy.[21:00]

Will the future of real estate be more available to the everyday consumer?[22:34]

How refinancing can benefit the homeowner over the bank.[25:23]

How much of this can be automated and done on the blockchain? Could this be the end of foreclosures?[26:33]

Does LoanSnap allow individuals to band together and collectively purchase property? What scenarios might galvanize a community to do this?[29:15]

Could part-buyers replace renters?[30:30]

How will this kind of disruption be applicable to other industries?[32:07]

How the LoanSnap way of doing things fixes what Karl calls the most “broken, archaic, slowest marketplace you’ve ever seen.”[34:10]

How soon will the average consumer be able to use the services LoanSnap has to offer?[35:50]

Why these transactions are defined as NFTs.[37:37]

What’s the minimum transaction for someone to participate in fractional ownership of property, and how can they get started?[39:02]

Where to find information about all of this (soon)![39:37]

Is SnapLoans the first of its kind?[40:34]

Parting thoughts.[42:42]

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